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Welcome to Postgraduate Program in Genetics and Breeding (PGGM) at Ufes

  • This research line comprises basic and applied research in cytotaxonomy, systematics, evolution, cytogenetics and mutagenesis. It brings together researchers with distinct yet complementary approaches who develop research in the characterization, investigation, valuation and sustainable exploitation of genetic resources presenting characteristics of agronomic, forest, zootechnical and/or medicinal interest.

  • This research line brings together researchers from the agronomic, forest and zootechnical areas, with distinct but complementary approaches. It consists of the application of genetic breeding methods for the development of novel genetic breeding strategies. Emphasis is given to obtaining superior genetic materials as well as estimates for genetic and phenotypic parameters, involving experimental design studies applied to breeding methods and genetics, in addition to quantitative genetics, population genetics, and applied projects for the improvement of fruit crops, coffee trees, forest essences, ornamental species and fodder crops.

  • This line of research generates biotechnological support subsidies for breeding programs through the characterization and genetic mapping of economically interesting genes, marker-assisted selection, selection by means of chemical compounds of commercial interest, ex situ and in situ conservation, genetic diversity studies aiming at pre-breeding of species with agricultural or medicinal interest, or which may gain aggregated value by the identification, quantification and characterization of compounds of economic value. The tools employed in this area may provide support to studies in taxonomy, evolution, phylogeny and use of genetic resources.

The Postgraduate Program in Genetics and Breeding is based at the Center for Agrarian Sciences of the Federal University of Espírito Santo. The master’s and doctoral degree in genetics and breeding were established in 2013 aiming to:
- Improve research and professional qualifications in genetics and breeding
- Prepare high-level specialized personnel to work in genetics and breeding and related fields within the public and private sectors.
- Provide higher education teacher training;
- Articulate research-related activities and education at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in order to expand the research groups/centers;
- Create a space for the sharing of ongoing research, by hosting regional, national and international events (seminars, conferences, round tables, etc.).

The program is based in Alegre-ES, offering the course of Doctoral Degree in Genetics and Breeding since 2013 e the course of MSc in Genetics and Breeding since 2013 and has an academic qualification profile certified by CAPES, receiving 4 on its last evaluation.

The program already has 53 masters and 26 doctors and counts with 36 students regularly enrolled, being 14 in the masters and 22 in the doctorate.

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